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Updated: May 2

This article is reposted from the Terrenity Substack. See the original article here

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I have now been an ecovillage researcher for 6 years.

ecovillage anthropologist Nicole Reese studying ecovillages in Costa Rica
Me with my camera in Costa Rica, photographing for the ECO-LOGIC magazine

As an anthropologist, I’ve been self-studying, traveling to, and living in ecovillages, and a lot has changed since I first sold everything and set out on the journey. As a researcher, a renewed sense of responsibility to this project has welled up in me. I feel an incredible pull to share the resources I have collected and continue to document my evergreen learning journey.

1. We need to build the society of tomorrow, today.

I can’t keep hoarding my resources, nor can I deny my natural inclination to be a writer. So here we are. There is a unique urgency to build more regenerative and sustainable communities in which we can live, and to be able to do that, we need to demystify the process.

2. What you can expect as a reader

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3. Be my (virtual) community

I hope to create a space for enthusiastic community builders and seekers who are deeply passionate about regenerative community design, whole systems thinking, indigenous worldview, sustainable living, innovative green tech, and all of the applications of these fields in the ecovillage world.

I’ll be posting 4x a month, with 2 free posts and 2 paid posts.

Free Posts

As a free reader, you can comment, share, and interact with my substack posts. In a given month the 2 free posts will be any combination of these types:

  • Community Hacks Series — assessing common pitfalls in community building and providing different “hacks” and tools to avoid them.

  • Case Studies — an-depth look at an individual community, how they work and what they did right, with a focus feature on communities you can live in

  • Opinion Pieces — 6 years of ecovillage research and experience has led me to this. This is a window into my brain on the major trends in the space.

  • Musings — Conversations on addressing complex issues like diversity, equity, and accessibility, while assessing the field of redesigning society.

Paid Posts

Deep Dives - A monthly detailed post on a focused aspect of village building, with included resources and templates. These in-depth articles are based off the Community Alchemy guide.

Village Builder Insider - At any given time, I am working with and consulting several regenerative villages. Here you get monthly bite-sized project updates with my methods for village design and 3 lessons I learned each month.

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4. The story of Terrenity

Mid-pandemic I sold almost everything in my California apartment, packed my suitcase, and headed to Mexico. Even though I had an amazing job working in native plant habitat restoration at a 44-acre wildlife park in the middle of an urban city, I was craving more. I was craving community. About 4 years prior, I had discovered the word ecovillage, and was fully obsessed.

My background in Anthropology equipped me with a particular thirst to understand human culture in order to design our future. I set out with my camera and my notes to visit different communities, understand them, and receive the soul medicine that I knew community had to offer.

the Terrenity research syndicate for building regenerative communities community culture collage

Terrenity is a project for ecovillage seekers and builders. In the past, the project also involved nonprofit consulting for ecovillages in Guyana and Uganda.

As I traveled, I collected research, made observations, and studied community life while living it. Along the way, I connected with an exciting startup working on regenerative neighborhoods, Regen Tribe, and became a co-founder of that project. Putting all my energy into that, Terrenity fell to the wayside for a short time.

I saw, and still see, ecovillages as one way to provide a radical alternative to some of the broken, extractive systems that we live in. Effectively, we can redesign society at local scale. We can live not just a more sustainable life, but a more meaningful, connected, and cooperative one.

And this isn’t just happening at local scale anymore. Initiatives like the network state movement, decentralization, and web3 are making possible new innovations in village tech and other alternative society options.

I am excited to merge all of my learnings over the last 6 years into this Substack. Everything I share will aspire to a next level of quality and usefulness, so please, join in. My goal is to become fully self-sufficient as a writer and researcher, and my pledge is to help you build (or find) the community of your dreams.

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