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About Terrenity

So you want to know more about ecovillage life? Terrenity's heart and soul is all about ecovillages -- how to learn about, find, join, and build them.

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Terrenity Logo & Brand Kit.png
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Where does the word Terrenity come from?

TERRA + SERENITY = Living in harmony with the Earth

That's exactly the vibe and vision behind Terrenity, where community and regenerative practices can combine to help us remember harmony at every scale, ecological or interpersonal. We must acknowledge that we also come from the Earth, and that living in harmony with the natural world inevitably strikes balance within ourselves.

Our raison d’être

We believe ecovillages play a key part in birthing a resilient, regenerative, and equitable world. Ecovillages, which are intentional and sustainable communities, are one amazing solution to reimagining our way of life so that we are intelligently integrated with nature and a profound state of well-being.


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What does Terrenity do?

We make it easier for ecovillage seekers and builders

We are not trying to do everything.

There are active, international organizations that provide an assortment of books, courses, and directories meant to help the ecovillage-minded. There are awesome offshoot orgs that do a lot of cool other things ( see the list here ). 

What we offer is personalized, 1-on-1 help to help your regenerative dreams get off the ground.

One of the downsides to being a visionary and having an abundance of ideas is that it can be difficult to organize your plans and ground your vision into practical steps. That's when frustration, struggle, and doubt come into play. Terrenity wants to bust doubt and dissolve the obstacles (real and imagined) toward making the regenerative dream a reality.


Meet the Founder

Hi there! I'm Nicole, the creator of Terrenity and certified Ecovillage Designer through the Global Ecovillage Network. I am an avid anthropologist and sustainability specialist. By 2021 I had been living in an urban area for seven years when I left my job in sustainability and native plant habitat rehabilitation to explore ecovillages around the world and become a specialist in the regenerative movement.

Terrenity was created with the intent to educate and inspire. This website is a collection of resources, opportunities, and food for thought. Follow me as I document sustainable communities and eco-villages around the world and support your transition to the ecovillage life. Here you can join the movement to live in regenerative, equitable, and thriving communities.




Terrenity is open to collaborations

If you are an ecovillage enthusiast, let's team up! We're here to strengthen the ecovillage movement and want to co-create projects with positive impact.

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