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Where I'm Staying

Follow me where I'm staying and click the photos for the link to their booking sites.

Eco-Hut in Tulum

April 16-17

This was an interesting stay. It was certainly very hot, but the oscillating fan helped somewhat. They are concerned with peace and quiet, and given that it's located a bit out of town, this is a stay for people preferring solitude. The jungle is very active at night, and the chorus of insects and animals was immersive. But the amenities were comprehensive, and each hut came with its own private bathroom. The outdoor pool is refreshing, the common area is cute and colorful. I finished one of my books and left it on the common library shelf.


Tipi in Baja, California

April 14-16

This Airbnb tipi is located in La Paz, Baja California. It's fully equipped with powerful AC, electricity, and a mini fridge. The hosts were so thorough with the instructions and the little details. I felt at ease staying there, and the bed was so comfortable. It's in a compound with two other houses and a dome and a big courtyard with umbrella tables to sit outside.

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