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A Regenerative Village Research Initiative

See how beautiful the world could be


Terrenity is on a quest to provide ecovillage seekers and builders with the tools they need to thrive in community.

Regenerative Community Standards Terrenity Publication
Top 11 Lessons from 6 Years of Ecovilla Research
Auravana Habitat Models for Societal Engineering

Terrenity Substack

Practical village building in a modern context

A publication on how to design, build, and operate regenerative communities, ecovillages, and startup societies.

We build creative and dynamic resources
for the Regenerative Village Movement

Discover our educational tools to learn more about life in an eco-community. tech tools, educational resources, etc.

We travel to and create case studies on existing and emerging ecovillages

We document intentional communities around the world with off-grid, eco-friendly, and fully regenerative practices. We aim to gather data that gives insights into regenerative village building


Explore ecovillages you can visit or join, and if you have a community, learn how to get your ecovillage spotlighted.

We design regenerative villages

Terrenity has experience to directly support you to design and build your ecovillage.

Village consulting from Terrenity is currently closed, check back later for updates on services from Terrenity.


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Terrenity is open to collaborations

If you are an ecovillage enthusiast, let's team up! We're here to strengthen the ecovillage movement and want to co-create projects with positive impact.

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on Instagram as @terrenity.ecovillages

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