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A Guide to Ecovillages for Visionaries and Dreamers

See how beautiful the world could be


Terrenity is on a quest to provide ecovillage seekers and builders with the tools & resources they need to thrive in conscious community.

We build creative and dynamic resources for the Ecovillage Movement

Terrenity actively designs resources and media to help you learn about ecovillages and navigate the practical and tricky parts of this transition towards a regenerative lifestyle.


Discover our educational tools to learn more about life in an eco-community.

We work with you personally to help you on your regenerative journey

Terrenity is here to directly support you on your journey to joining or building an ecovillage. In theory, many people have laid the groundwork already and it should be easy, right?


It often doesn't feel so easy. This can be the most confusing stage when you are looking to make the leap. Browse Terrenity's services to discover your next step.

We travel to, showcase, and work with existing and emerging ecovillages

We document intentional communities around the world with off-grid, eco-friendly, and fully regenerative practices. We use the experience and findings as research into the needs of people in the regenerative movement.


Explore ecovillages you can visit or join, and if you have a community, learn how to get your ecovillage spotlighted.

Terrenity's Ongoing Projects

Eco-Logic Spring 2021.png


Spring 2021 Issue

30+ pages of  photography and articles highlighting ecovillage architecture

Terrenity Ecovillage Matches Pien.png
Terrenity Ecovillage Matches Kia (1).png
Terrenity Ecovillage Matches Kia.png

Ecovillage Matchmaking

Private sessions

Is finding and picking an ecovillage you want to live in too overwhelming? 

Terrenity is open to collaborations

If you are an ecovillage enthusiast, let's team up! We're here to strengthen the ecovillage movement and want to co-create projects with positive impact.

on Instagram as @terrenity.ecovillages

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