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ECO-LOGIC Magazine has two yearly releases, Spring and Fall. This product is only the Spring edition.You can buy a subscription for the year and receive a 25% discount for both issues.


The ECO-LOGIC Magazine is all about the ecovillage movement. It is a collection of photographs and articles by Nicole Reese from her travels to ecovillages and intentional communities. It aims to showcase sustainable, offgrid lifestyles while educating about regenerative human settlements (aka ecovillages). The theme of the Spring issue is "Archictecture" and features a wide range of surprising and stunning examples of sustainable architecture. The Fall's theme is "Community" and will explore the rituals, celebrations, and relationships of ecovillage life.  The Spring Magazine is 25+ pages of material, and the Fall issue is shaping up to be even more packed with great content and the voices of more contributors.


Terrenity is offering ECO-LOGIC as a way to share and inspire. The magazine is open to future collaborations and contributions from other perspectives. Diverse opinions are welcomed!


By purchasing ECO-LOGIC, you get to keep the magazine issues in your personal library until the end of time, and you also support more ecovillage spotlights and educational resources in the future. Thank you so much for your support.


Upon purchase, you will be able to download an instruction sheet for how to access the interactive online magazine, as well as download the PDF of the magazine, using HeyZine. Your reading experience will be so much better if you read the online version -- more fun to watch the pages turn! It is also recommended to view the magazine in full-screen on a desktop or laptop computer.


Thank you for your support and enjoy!



ECO-LOGIC Magazine Spring 2021

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