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Terrenity Ecovillage Matchmaking Service

Terrenity wants to connect you with your dream ecovillage. Whether you are a solo traveler or a family looking to relocate, Terrenity has access to ecovillages across the world. Get help making the leap.

Dreaming of a more sustainable, meaningful life?

Each session includes:
  • 1-hour consulting session

  • Top 5 Personalized Ecovillage Recommendations

  • Detailed Ecovillage Matchmaking Packet (see below)


*open to bartering or exchanging services of equal value

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Terrenity Ecovillage Matches Kia.png

Ecovillage Matchmaking

Private sessions

Is finding and picking an ecovillage you want to live in too overwhelming? 

Anatomy of the Ecovillage Packet

Ecovillage Name & Location


This section gives you the overall vibe of the community.

How to Join

Preview the available ways to visit or join the community.

Main Features

Get a glimpse of the ecovillage's main features, which can include shared facilities, core values, nearby attractions, workshops and events, dietary restrictions, etc.

Terrenity Ecovillage Matches Kia (1).png

Important Information

This section gives an overview of the key information about the ecovillage -- the community type, the terrain, number of community members, and contact info.


And of course, tons of photos to get a visual preview of the ecovillage, its members, and the surrounding nature.